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Mining Equipment Models

Models miniatures of equipment used to mine coal made with coal

Model of a traditional Miners
Safety Helmet - Hand Crafted -
Coal Model

Miniature model of coal
miners safety lamp - Hand
Crafted - Coal Model

Tub of Coal (Large) Model on
Plinth - Hand Crafted - Coal

Miniature coal model of coal
Miners Davy Lamp

Coal Tub (Small) - Hand
Crafted - Coal Model

You are viewing our Mining Equipment Models, part of our fantastic range of coal models, coal ornaments and coal figurines

Please be aware : that our products are sold as ormaments - for display purposes - they are not toys - because of the subject, they may have small parts that can be broken off, bitten off or break off when dropped - they should be kept away from children.

About the product images - these ornaments are black in colour and have a slight glossy appearance - sometimes we may have lightened the images a few shades to get the best level of detail on a wide range of computer screens.

 miniature coal models and coal figures appealing very much to the discerning buyer who places great emphasis on owning unusual and quality coal products
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